Chekhov's gun

by The Miracle Vitamins

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released December 14, 2012


tags: indie rock Toledo


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The Miracle Vitamins Toledo, Ohio

"Toledo brothers Russ and Rob Courtney, who record and perform as The Miracle Vitamins, make a pretty kind of folk-inflected indie rock, in the vein of higher-profile acts like Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes, but shot through with a sharp melancholy of their own." - Toledo City Paper ... more

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Track Name: The Shackles
I felt the shackles serrated and tightened on me
So I know what it means to be freed
And I've seen some floating fish sucking poison from the sea
So I've grown to let the tide sweep me clean
Track Name: Michigan
I was getting ready to sundown
I was getting ready to fuck around
When you tore the sheets from underneath
And you told me everything through the bedroom walls
But I don't want to hear it through the bedroom walls

I was getting ready to punch it
I was getting ready to shoot it in the head
But I've heard that the head is not the best place to start
And instead you say it from the heart

So I'm saying it from the heart
You were a fucker
You were a lover of everything that I didn't love
And you were a machine
Living off the machine
Even though you hated the machine
Track Name: An Anchor and a Rope and an Ankle
I got a job as a sailor I couldn't take machines
I just want to live by the sea
And swallow every bottle in front of me
Then I could be free

And I look at every thing with beauty like a prophet
'Cause I am a prophet even though no one thinks so

I've got an anchor and a rope and an ankle
And I've got the sea taunting me
Track Name: Ohio
When I was in Cleveland for grad school
I saw you mopping floors under flourescent lights
At the Valero station on Euclid
You asked what I did these days and I paused
And I saw you and said I read 100 pages a day
And piss my money away in an expensive apartment
Behind the Valero station on Euclid

And we shoot the shit
You say your mom got sick
And I said my dad got sick in his own way
And you said man, it sounds like you got a beautiful life
And I said it back to you
I said man the two of us got beautiful lives
Track Name: Indiana
I went belly up
And singing sour notes just got a little bit easier
And you found me beneath the willow tree
With a bottle of grain liquor and a lighter

And It went a little quicker than you'd think
And every little inch of it was burning
And I fell in love and I fell out of love again

Highway Indiana
Much like Ohio
But a little bit heavier for me

And I don't know if I'm reday to drive it
Over and over again
Track Name: Pennsylvania
When I choose what to remember I'm walking down 2nd street
Listening to Suicide Machines or hugging I-70
With the guitars in the back seat

When I choose what to remember it's back when we were little kids
Hands deep in cereal boxes
Before you ever called me from the Olentangy bridge

And ten years before you told me about the minotaur
We camp out drinking Pucker in your car
And ten years before you told me where your Prozac was
Sneaking movies at the super cinemas that place has been closed longer than us

Cause what you wanted to sever you couldn't explain to me
Said you were out of your body and missed everything

And ten days before you gave in to the minotaur
We listened to Armor for Sleep in my car
You say "forget it man" and we go take shots at some bar

When I choose what to remember it's only the good shit...
Track Name: Crowd Around the Radio
I know youre trying to give in
And I'll be honest I think it's a shame
Let's all crowd around the radio
And hope the song we love will come back on
Before it dissolves

You said you were looking for something that was far away from you
Like a mansion or a high paying job
Or the love from someone that you love
You said you were trying to focus on just getting out of here
Like a hermit searching for his new shell
But what the hell?
You gotta get over things sometimes...
Track Name: Chekhov's gun
It was you who first mentioned Chekhov and his proverbial gun
But it was me who took the time to mount it on the wall
There's a second act coming soon
Just a set change and a curtain left to pull
There's a second act coming soon
Forget what Francis Scott Fitzgerald said to you

It was you who first mentioned Chekhov and his proverbial gun
But it was me who took the time to mount it on the wall
Track Name: Ohio Fields Accelerating
Halfway between Ohio fields accelerating
And the rye grass beside us swaying
And tunnel vision from the heat

And I think of Davy Von B
And a lyric that has always puzzled me
I think of Davy Von B
and a lyric that has always troubled me

Does nothing feel good?

Or is it nothing that feels good?